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Caleb Law

Co-Founder, Owner

After completing High School in the North Seattle area, Caleb went on to have a brief and exhilarating Semi-Professional basketball career.

Recently named the V.P. of the Board at Run to Win Outreach. A youth sports camp ministry in the greater Seattle Area. After being involved with the Run To win organization for over 27 years from being a camper, coach, head coach, executive board member, to now being named the 2021 V.P of the Run to Win Board.

Now, for the better part of the last decade, Caleb has built his career helping people better understand the resources and options available to them, how they can overcome healthcare obstacles and financial hardships that come from unexpected medical events.

“I was in a major car accident in my early 20’s. I had health insurance and the bills just come rolling in from out-of-pocket expenses that I was expected to cover. I found myself asking 'Why do I have health insurance if I'm still being sent thousands of dollars in bills!?' Now, my goal is to stop as many people as possible from going through that type of experience.”
- Law


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