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Tax-Free Retirement for Women in Business

A stress-free approach to beating the top three retirement killers and creating lifetime, tax-free retirement income.

The Problems with the Status Quo Retirement Approach:

1. Unnecessary taxes

2. Risk of Market Loss

3. Not Having Enough Money in Retirement


We will show you why 75% of Fortune 500 companies make the TFRA available to their employees and HOW TO properly use the rules and laws of insurance to legally shelter retirement savings from market loss and unnecessary taxes.


Solving for Market Risk, loss, and Taxes.

• The Problem:

◦ Traditional investments and IRA|40K accounts are exposed to market downturns. If

   the market loses, your retirement account loses.

◦ Taxes. The more you save, the more they take. With taxes currently at an all-time       low, why pay more in retirement than legally required?

• Solution:

◦ Use the correct IRS tax codes to eliminate market risk and loss.

◦ Use the correct IRS tax codes and remove all unnecessary taxes.

• Eliminating market loss and unnecessary taxes is key to immediately creating more net-spendable retirement income, which will allow you to enjoy your retirement years confidently.

Why do Clients Across the Country use the TFRA?

1. To have more income in retirement that they can’t outlive.

2. To pay as little in taxes as legally allowed.

3. Avoid risking their retirement money due to market declines or volatility.

4. To NOT be one of the 43% of people who outlive their retirement income

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