When you think benefits, think Leverage Benefit.

Leverage Benefit Consulting

Our consultative approach means it's not about what we want to sell but what your business needs.

With access to each of the top-15 carriers in the country, we have a unique ability to find what is right for your business.

Introductory Consultation

As consultants, we don't do hard sales pitches. The more we learn about you, the better we can find options to help. Our focus is the best possible outcome for you, your business, and your employees.

With a short 15 minute meeting, we can learn key details about your business and present you with the best options, best services, and best process.

Strategic Planning Session

The Leverage team has the capabilities and expertise to tailor our services to the specific needs of your business no matter the size or industry.

We use our unmatched range of resources, industry knowledge, and market data to leverage your process and options to help your business and employees win.

Leverage is here to FINALLY change the benefits industry and your benefits experience for the better.

What Makes Leverage Different?

Why use one agent from one carrier, when you can use one agent with ALL the best carriers at once?


At Leverage, we are able to provide benefits from the Top-15 voluntary benefits carriers in the country. Meaning, we are unbiased in your benefits process. Our focus is the best possible outcome for you and your business, whatever that may be. 


We make sure you get the best prices, best coverage, and the

best process.


HR Services Membership

Ease of access to all things HR; federal, state, and local laws! Don't replace your HR, simply make their job easier.

24/7 Telemedicine

Standalone doctor access that never triggers your medical plan. no premiums, no co-pays!

Busted 911

Get equal opportunity to QUALITY lawyers and legal help if/when you need it most!

Business Compliance

Keep your business protected with the compliance support every business needs!

Financial Wellness Program

It's your money, do more with it! Financial services and coaching at no cost!

Identity Theft Protection

Today a monitoring program is not enough. Receive a million dollars of coverage when you partner with Leverage!



Proud provider to an association near you!

Leverage Benefit is the preferred provider of voluntary benefits for a number of different


Making sure that association members have as many perks and services as possible all at NO ADDITIONAL COST to those member companies.


Making your membership even more valuable!

ABC of Western Washington
Washington Contract Loggers Association

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Our key staff members are available to assist you when and where you need us most!

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