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The Leverage you need, the benefits you want.


Leverage Benefit Consulting

The only firm exclusively offering voluntary benefits.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Introductory Consultation

With a short 15 minute meeting, we can learn key details about your business and present you with the best services to improve your company. The result will always increase the efficiency and productivity of your HR team, evaluate and update your compliance with local, state, and federal laws, and expand employee benefits all at NO COST to the company!

Strategic Planning Session

With over 25 years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to tailor our services to the specific needs of your business no matter the size, industry, or culture. We combine our insights and skills to leverage your processes and strategies, and in turn, benefit your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients grow; within themselves, as a business, and with their employees.

What Makes Leverage Different?

"The Leverage you need, the benefits you want."

At no cost!


HR Services Membership

Ease of access to all things HR; federal, state, and local laws!

24/7 Telemedicine

Standalone doctor access that never triggers your medical plan. no premiums, no co-pays!

Busted 911

Get equal opportunity to QUALITY lawyers and legal help if/when you need it most!

Business Compliance

Keep your business protected with the compliance support every business needs!

Financial Wellness Program

It's your money, do more with it! Financial services and coaching at no cost!

Identity Theft Protection

Today a monitoring program is not enough. Receive a million dollars of coverage when you partner with Leverage!



Preferred provider to an association near you!

Leverage Benefit is the preferred provider of voluntary benefits for hundreds of companies, associations, and counties! Partnering with hundreds of businesses from every industry who continue to trust the Leverage team to provide the best service possible at the lowest possible cost to the business; FREE!



What if I already have medical insurance? How is this different?

Medical insurance pays your physician for treating you, we pay YOU for being treated!

What if we don't offer medical insurance?

Even more reason to partner with Leverage Benefit Consulting. You can add services and benefits all at no cost to your company!

Why hasn't my broker told me about this before? Can I run this by my broker first?

Your broker specializes in a specific set of benefits and may not know the great value these benefits add to your existing benefits package. If they could, we'd hope they would. At Leverage Benefit, these benefits are all that we do.

What's the cost to me & my business? There is always a cost.

There will never be a cost to you or your business for any of the services Leverage Benefit Consulting will provide.

We can't afford to add more benefits to our benefits package.

That is exactly why companies continue to partner with Leverage! Enhance & expand the options available to you without adding any additional expense. No longer be restricted by budgets. Get more without paying more.

Do we have to wait for our open enrollment?

No, you can take advantage of all our options available to you as soon as you would like, because we do not interfere with anything you currently have!

I don't believe my employees will be interested.

You might be right! Not ALL of them will be, but you simply give your staff the chance to decide for themselves. As a bonus, even if no one is interested, EVERYONE (spouses & dependents included) gets to take advantage of the new FREE benefits!

What's the catch? this sounds too good to be true.

No catch! No cost to the business owner or the business whatsoever.

My employees are covered under their spouse plans / state plans.

Perfect! Those plans pay their physician and our plans pay the employee. We don't want to interfere with any existing benefits, but we know how important it is to be able to expand and enhance benefits.


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