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TFRA for Business Owners

How business owners can offer their employees a risk-free and tax-free retirement alternative based on the correct IRS tax codes.

Tax-Free Retirement Account:

How to properly use the rules and laws of insurance to build and protect tax-free retirement income for life legally.

  1. ​The three retirement killers hurting your employees (and how to avoid them).

  2. Why 75% of Fortune 500 companies in America offer TFRA.

  3. The three critical factors to retiring confidently.

  4. No business costs, no administration fees, no match contribution.


Problems with the Traditional Retirement Approach:

• Large business expenses: Cost, administrative fees, matching contributions, etc..

• Unavoidable Market Risk and Loss.

• Unnecessary Taxes.

• No access to your money until age 59 and 1/2. (without penalties and fees)

• Outliving your money: 43% of people outlive their retirement money.



• Legally remove stock market risk based on the correct IRS laws and tax codes.

• Use the IRS rules to shelter your money from all unnecessary taxes (no capital gains or income distribution tax in retirement.)

• Access to your money is entirely tax-free at any age for any reason and penalty-free after the first 12 months.

• Create a lifetime tax-free—7%-10 % annual tax-free income distribution for life by using the correct policy type and IRS codes.


• Safe, stress-free retirement saving with market returns.

• Eliminate all unnecessary taxes.

• Utilize lifetime tax-free income and never outlive your money.

This is the leverage you need for the retirement your employees deserve.

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